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The Interview

Here’s your host… George Germanakos!!!

George: Hey everyone, how are you doing today? We have a great show for you today. With me this afternoon, the members of an out of this world band, O!MARS!  Please help me in giving our guests a nice warm welcome.

Band: (waving, saying thank you/hello)

George: Great to have you guys on the set.

Band: It’s great to be here.

George: So, obviously you guys are here for your new album coming out this Friday, “The Mars Experience!” crowd cheers. I have to say, I’ve heard some samples and it is fantastic.

Ben: We worked really hard on this one, and I must say it is one of our most unique albums yet.

George: I’ve heard this music, and it is transcendent, it’s fantastic! Tell me, what was your inspiration for this absolute fire album?

Dylan: Our inspiration for this album came directly from an interesting article from the Georgia Tech website entitled “Humans on Mars”. We all read that article and felt that the world needed to know about this.

Akarsh: That and Elon Musk’s grand plan to send humans to begin the colonization of Mars starting in 2022.

Ben: Also, the prospect of having space travel within the coming generations is really cool.

Dylan: Part of the goal of our album is that we want people to be excited for the future, and also to break down the information and technicalities of the article so that people will know why all of this matters.

Akarsh: So here we are today dropping this insane mixtape for y’all.

George: Wait, wait, wait, hold up. You guys think you’re going to start colonizing Mars by 2022? How’s that gonna work?

Akarsh: Uhhh… we aren’t the ones going to be colonizing Mars. I mean someone will. Eventually. But it’s definitely not going to be one of us. It’ll be either NASA or Musk’s squad at SpaceX. But we think Musk is being too optimistic. NASA expects to carry out manned missions to Mars by sometime in the 2030s.

George: Okay that makes more sense, because didn’t they at one point say we would colonize Mars by 2000? (Crowd Laughs)

Dylan: I could tell you a bit about how scientists at Georgia Tech think it is going to work. Or I could share our song on when humans are going and where they would land.

George: I definitely want to hear that, what about you guys? (audience cheers) alright then well then let’s play the track.

Dylan: It’s just a snippet of the whole thing, we don’t want to keep you here all night, but here we go this one is called “From the Earth to the Sky”.

Earth to the Sky (A parody of American Pie)

A long, long time from now
We’ll be well and on our way, manning our first trip to Mars
And we all knew if we could make that trip
All expenses paid and in a ship
We’d get there and see the, shining stars

The trip would take about two years
That is one of our deepest fears
There’s water at the north pole
To drink from it, is our goal

Somewhere near the mountain ranges,
To make it through the season changes,
And where the latitude starts its stages
That’s where, we’ll land, on Mars

So bye, bye, from the Earth to the sky
And our purpose on the surface, we never asked why
Now here we are I really hope we don’t die
Singin’ cheers to that Elon Musk guy
Cheers to that Elon Musk guy

George: Wow beautiful voice, that’s my first impression.

Dylan: Haha thank you.

George: Now on a more serious note when do scientists actually believe that colonizing Mars will be achievable?

Dylan: Basically somewhere in the estimated range between the year 2040 and 2100 we will have a mass population on Mars.

George: I heard in your song that we would try to obtain water from the ice-caps, is that where people would be situated?

Dylan: Well we would land near Mars’ equator, since the temperatures there get really cold, the equator is the warmest region to establish a base camp. Also, the equator is surrounded by mountains which help with obtaining Martian resources for Martians to use.

George: All I know is that that sounds really expensive. How much money we talking?

Dylan: If you could imagine for a second, a really large amount of money. You are now imagining a rough estimate for just how much money this endeavor is going to cost. Scientists estimate about $100 billion spread out over 10 years, which is very feasible if, and this is a big if, if we get foreign countries to match our own financial investments.

George: Okay so this wouldn’t just be a United States type of mission. We really need the whole world to help out if we want to ever get this done, or at least in our lifespans.

Dylan: Exactly. This would be a global effort.

George: And what is NASA expecting to find up there?

Ben: Well actually,  the US and other countries have launched rover missions to Mars, that teach scientists about the dirt there, and we actually have a song explaining all of that.

George: I mean if it’s as good as the last one, then I’m going to ask for you guys to play it right here, right now.

Ben: Yeah of course, this one is called “Martian Dirt”.

George: Alright let’s hear it.

Martian Dirt (A parody of Jordan Belfort)

Mar-tian Dirt
Mar-tian Dirt

I been getting liquid water from Mars dirt
Seein’ new discoveries made NASA alert
Sipping on Ciroc, trip em up with the words
I just dropped the news makin’ people so turnt

Mar-tian Dirt
Mar-tian Dirt
I been getting liquid water from Mars dirt
Seein’ new discoveries made NASA alert

I just flipped a birdy, To the old Worldy
We gon go to Mars (Yuh!), even though it’s dirty
Came up made a Theory, Ojha and Mary
Sayin’ water on the planet wasn’t old or freezay

First was Opportunity, in summer ‘03
I’m a shit on limits (What), call me Houdini
Like a Lamborghini, goin’ far so it’s freaky
Twelve years on a long trek, three wishes from a genie

Curiosity ain’t dirty, but these pictures be filthy
Atmosphere to thin and the waters a little silty
Equipment so good, he only be straight searchin’
Wheels steady rockin’ and the cam still rollin’

I be drivin’ Martian testin’ water while I swerve
Checkin’ life so ripe when I’m whippin’ round the curve
Rollin up amino acids you can’t say it’s Earth
And I be getting all this data and I ain’t talkin’ no worth

I been getting liquid water from Mars dirt
Seein new discoveries made NASA alert
Sipping on Ciroc, trip em up with the words
I just dropped the news makin’ people so turnt

Mar-tian Dirt
Mar-tian Dirt
I been getting liquid water from Mars dirt
Seein new discoveries made NASA alert

George: Wow, I am blown away! I can’t find my socks that was so good.

Ben: Thanks man.

George: Those lyrics were fantastic. Now you guys were talking about the actual dirt from Mars right?

Ben: Yes we were.  

George: What’s so special about the dirt found on Mars and the water that is in it?

Ben: The dirt and water are really special because the water isn’t frozen underneath the dirt like scientists previously thought; it’s actually flowing every now and then.  This discovery is really important because it gives future generations hope that they might one day inhabit Mars in sustainable colonies. That’s what the lyrics of the song are trying to convey, Mars is habitable.

George: Wait, do we know what life is on Mars right now?

Ben: Well, the reason it’s so difficult trying to figure out if there is life on Mars right now is that NASA and other space agencies conducting missions on Mars  might accidentally contaminate the surface with lifeforms from Earth if aren’t careful they.  If that happens then we will never know whether or not Mars can support life without human intervention.

George: So right now we don’t actually know?

Ben: Well, despite not having visible life on the surface as of right now, many in the scientific community agree that in the far past Mars once housed life and flowing water, but most of it was assumed to have frozen in the polar ice caps.  That is until this new evidence arose.

George: That’s really great that they found that, but how are they going to get people up there in the first place, because I’ve heard that traveling through space could be dangerous. Just something I’ve heard.

Akarsh: Making such a huge expedition is rather challenging. It’s going to take over a decade of planning and preparation. And continued support across multiple presidential administrations as well as international cooperation is key to success here.

George: Wow, that seems pretty much impossible.

Akarsh: In fact, we wrote another song about this.

George: Play it right now because this crowd clearly wants some more, let me hear it.

Spaceman (A parody of Jumpman)

If Elon don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you

Elon Musk
Mars One, Mars One
(I’m gon’ shoot you)

Yeah, spaceman, spaceman, spaceman, them boys up to something
They just spent like two or three years out the planet
Them boys up to something they just not just bluffing
You don’t have to call I hit the dirt like a rover (woo!)
I just found my power like I’m Barack Obama (woo!)
Science fiction hitting reality with its left hand up like (woo!)
Journey to Mars with NASA I don’t never wanna miss
Heart of Gold to Mars land with Elon be a bliss
Spaceman, spaceman, spaceman, them boys up to something
Uh-uh, uh, I think I need some Inspiration
Way too many missions you must think it’s cued
You searching for water, Mars may have something (woo!)
China Russia America something’s coming (woo!)
Spaceman, spaceman, spaceman, them boys up to something (woo!)
Spaceman, spaceman, spaceman, what was you expecting? (woo!)
Chi-town chi-town Andy Weir just dropped the Martian (woo!)

Spaceman, spaceman, spaceman
Spaceman, spaceman, spaceman
I just seen the rocket take off they up to something
Them boys just not bluffing them boys just not bluffing
Spaceman, spaceman, spaceman, them boys up to something
He was tryna fly to Mars I told him, “Mate.”
NASA, SpaceX and Elon didn’t go till date
Burrough, Burrough, Burrough, Burrough, Burrough, Burrough,
I just throwed a private dinner in Gale
Roving is a hobby, that’s the way for me
Water coming fast, they never get too deep
I, I just had to buy another ship
China, Russia America and SpaceX goin’ away

George: Okay. That was… interesting. Care to elaborate on the meaning of the song?

Akarsh: Sure, although most national space agencies worldwide agree to the long-term goal of putting humans on Mars, they often disagree on their short term goals. For example, NASA wants to put an asteroid in orbit around Moon but China and Russia have announced plans to go to the Moon.

George: Damn these countries need to get their shit together. I feel that if the countries worked together and we had all the resources on this one goal, it’ll be more realistic.

Akarsh: But there are a lot of private agencies interested too. SpaceX, Inspiration Mars, and Mars One have all announced plans to send humans to Mars, and some much sooner than government agencies too. But government space agencies face their own issues. Mars One’s initial plan to send humans to Mars to start a permanent colony by 2026 doesn’t seem to be on-track, both technically and financially. Inspiration Mars relied on getting a free rocket from NASA which is something NASA has not expressed any interest in doing. SpaceX is on a launch hiatus due to a failure earlier this year.

George: This all sounds like some sci-fi movie. Realistically, how close is science fiction to the things we’re going to expect to see?

Akarsh: Science fiction can certainly become reality by early 2040s, if not mid to late 2030s. In fact, sci-fi writers have dreamed of Mars’ potential since the late 1800s, when telescopes became more accessible and better. Since then, many authors have written about Mars –  H.G. Wells (War of the Worlds), Edgar Rice Burrough (John Carter of Mars), and more recently Andy Weir with The Martian.

George: Well, I won’t be holding my breath, but I’d sure love to see that.

Ben: Believe me, me too.

George: Any idea when your next tour will be?

Akarsh: We will actually be touring the east coast, in our “Out of this world tour”.

Dylan: I’d just like to add that this album and all of the songs in it are primarily for the entertainment of the younger generation, who are just entering that phase where they start having their own beliefs and views about the future.

Akarsh: And this is the reason why the songs are so comic and parodies of modern music, so the kids and the teenagers can relate to it more and at the same time, learn more.

Ben: You can buy your tickets, online at tickets go on sale today.

George: I’m sure your fans will buy those up as fast as possible.

Ben: Thanks, and hopefully we got some new fans today. I hope you all listen to our music and dream of one day settling Mars.

Akarsh: We just want people to see that our destiny as a species is far from complete, that we are capable of much more.

Dylan: Walking on the moon was just a small step for man, but colonizing Mars, that’s the real giant leap for mankind.

George: I can’t wait. Alright, that is all the time that we have, and just a reminder, that The George Germanakos show is filmed in front of a live studio audience and it is for the kids and the future of our nation. Until next time, America. 😉

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