This group project was certainly the most fun English project so far. We worked hard as a group to bring all our ideas to life. We decided to transform the original website article into a live interview and 3 parody songs – Earth to the Sky (a parody of American Pie), Martian Dirt (a parody of Jordan Belfort), and Spaceman (a parody of Jumpman).

Each one of us was well coordinated with the others and we were always in agreement to everything, from the flow of the transformation to our meeting times and locations. We transformed something that was super technical and drab into a fun and engaging live show/podcast. We had decided that our audience would be the young children and the teenagers, basically those who will eventually be spearheading human expeditions to Mars, which is why we decided to parody popular songs as we felt this was the best way to reach out to them because of the inherent rhythm and catchiness of this genre.

I transformed the last 2 sections of the article, “Martian Politics” and “Can Science Fiction become Reality?” into the song, “Spaceman”, made my interview script (and helped with the flow of the entire interview in general), and was actively involved in the interview. Ben, Dylan, George, and I (or O!Mars!) mainly stuck with the team plan we laid out at the beginning, except mutually switching around the meeting times. I feel the most challenging aspect of this project for us was converting the rhetorical text into songs without going away from its actual meaning or annihilating the rhythm of the song.

If we could do the project all over again, the only thing I would like to change would be the implementation of the songs. What I mean is, instead of doing incomplete versions of 3 different songs, I would look to do 1 long song (like Bohemian Rhapsody) and develop the verses as a single story.

Overall, I had a great time doing this project. Looking forward to more such projects!


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