Topic and Genre Declaration

Group: Akarsh and Vijay

The 2 texts we have chosen to analyze are- Waiting for Light by Jake Abrahamson and Master Plan, Part Deux by Elon Musk.

We will compose our argument in the form of a photo essay highlighting visual overlaps in values with a supporting presentation highlighting the textual rhetoric. Overall these mediums will be used to explore the value of sustainability and help us understand how innovation can help us take the right step forward in the future. Our reason for choosing these texts is quite simple- they are pretty similar in the values they reflect. What these common underlying ideas are, is how to promote a sustainable environment and make these sustainable products and services accessible to the masses. Moreover, we feel that they truly connect the idea of developing an energy efficient, and sustainable future for years to come. Our future depends heavily on us practicing safe and eco-friendly methods, and on the development of new products that can help to facilitate these actions. This is why we feel addressing this value in our argument would be a step in the right direction as what is most required right now is creating awareness about such issues (that are often ignored or talked about less). Both Waking for Light, and Master Plan, Part Deux find new, innovative and sustainable ways to tackle the 21st-century problems created by mankind and this is something we would like to explore further so that we too can be contributors to the movement.
Since this is a project we really want to work on, we will try and contribute something to the revised text every day just so that we have enough ideas to work with and our final piece is interesting and unique. We have decided to divide up the work based on the two mediums of revised text, in other words, one of us will tackle the photo essay, and the other will work on the rhetorical presentation. We plan, and hope to commit to our group of 2.

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