Working on the Values of Science project was a rather fun experience. Science gives us so many values and narrowing those down to just one for the purpose of this presentation was definitely one of the most challenging tasks. The value we chose for our project – dualism in science – made me realize how there may be many different approaches, pathways, and motivation to solve any scientific problem but at the end of the day, the problems we are solving are very similar and related. I learned how science plays a role in, not only helping improve our environmental conditions, but also our lifestyle. I learned that science affects the poor more than it does the rich, that it gives them hope for a better present and a bright future.

It’s hard to point at one thing that I like the most in my project because of the time we spent working on it but if I absolutely had to I would say it’s the photo essay. The reason is its abstractness and how it can be interpreted in multiple different ways depending on the reader.  Additionally, I feel that the photos themselves present a very accurate image of our argument and value.

If there was something I could change about the project, I would change the medium we chose to deliver the project in (except the photo essay, of course). I feel that a presentation restricts expression and lacks the personal touch that would otherwise be a main feature of something like, say, a vlog.


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