Website Reflection

Alas, this course has come to an end and I have to reflect on how the entire process of creating this website that you may or may not have followed over the last 4 months, has affected me, and what I have learned from then to now.

I have to admit, I was rather terrified of writing regular blog posts  before this course. I wasn’t sure if I could actually do all of the projects or do a good enough job of expressing my feelings on paper (well, in this case on a digital paper). But I surprised myself. I managed to create a half decent blog which seems to be both, visually appealing, and mildly interesting.

Over the process, I learnt how to articulate myself on a public platform, something I had never done before. It definitely is very different from writing something that you know only your professor is going to read, for example, you have to actively keep in mind your audience and keep them engaged in your composition. I also enhanced my creativity. One massive advantage of publishing on a digital platform is the availability of resources and the different media that can me used to supplement your argument, while making your writing/composition a lot more interesting.

Overall, I feel the process of creating this website and regularly updating it with blogs, projects, and reflections regularly has taught me to analyze each piece of writing I read carefully and think about it on a very abstract yet rational level, for as is rightly said, the Devil is in the detail.


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