Reflection on the Revision

The first time around was fun, the second time, it felt more enlightening.

I was very surprised when I first received my grade for the original project. It was worse than I had expected. At first, I couldn’t see where we had gone so wrong but when I read some of Dr. Colvin’s comments,  I realized a lot of the mistakes we had made in our execution of the final project. There were a lot of things we had in mind and wanted to convey to the reader, but failed to do so through our supported argument. We started this revision with a single minded aim of making it more relevant, and thus improving our own composition skills and understanding.

I think what helped us most to produce this newer, better version was our discussion with Dr. Colvin as well as her comments. Using the comments as a base, Vijay and I met Dr. Colvin to better understand what went wrong in the process and worked hard to improve our earlier shortcomings. In addition to the original reflection, I feel I have realized the importance of the rhetoric situation more. Analyzing the photo essay deeper was certainly the moist interesting aspect of the revision and it made me realize how I had not catered to its full potential earlier.

I hope you all enjoy this one.


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